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IV Sedation in Mason, OH

If you have dental anxiety or a complex dental procedure coming up, IV sedation at Cedar Village Dentistry may be right for you. Dr. Thomas Dooley is a big believer in the power of sedation dentistry. From root canal treatment or a tooth extractions, with proper sedation, anyone can get the dental care they need and deserve.

What Is IV Sedation?

IV sedation is a method of sedation that uses intravenous injection. A saline solution containing a sedative medication is used to put patients “to sleep” during a dental procedure.

You are not truly “asleep” like you are under general anesthesia, but your level of consciousness is significantly reduced, and you may not remember anything about the dental procedure.

Because this solution is delivered directly to your bloodstream, your dentist can easily control your level of sedation, and any adjustment will have immediate results.

This makes IV sedation a very good idea for those who have dental anxiety. Dr. Thomas Dooley can adjust the level of sedation you experience, so you can remain conscious if you want, or undergo heavier sedation if the procedure is more uncomfortable than you thought it would be.

Who Can Have IV Sedation?

Typically, IV sedation is required for patients who:

  • Have moderate-to-severe dental anxiety
  • Have a very strong gag reflex
  • Cannot stay still for a dental procedure that may take multiple hours
  • Have a very low pain threshold
  • Are having multiple invasive procedures performed in one appointment

As long as you are healthy, and do not have any noted reactions to common anesthetics and sedative medications, you are a potential candidate for IV sedation at Cedar Village Dental Care. Dr. Dooley will make his final determination after an initial exam.

Are There Other Sedation Options Available?

If you don’t think you need IV sedation, or you are afraid of needles and would like another option, there are several alternatives available.

  • Oral sedation – Oral sedation uses a pill-based sedative, usually Halcion or Ativan (similar to Valium). This pill is taken an hour or two before your procedure, based on the recommendation of your dentist. Like IV sedation, this pill will reduce your level of consciousness, and you may fall asleep or “forget” the procedure entirely.

  • Minimal inhaled sedation- Nitrous Oxide – Minimal inhaled sedation uses nitrous oxide (laughing gas). This type of sedation produces a giddy “light-headed” sensation and is the most common among children, and people who have mild dental anxiety. One of the benefits of laughing gas is that its effects are quickly reversed. This means you can drive home after your appointment, which you can not do if you undergo oral sedation or IV sedation.

Come To Cedar Village Dentistry In Mason – Get The Sedation Dentistry You Need!

If you are afraid of the dentist, suffer from a powerful gag reflex, or are averse to pain and discomfort, sedation dentistry from Dr. Thomas Dooley may be your best option. Contact us today to talk to Dr. Dooley, and discuss the different types of sedation that are available to you.

We have a reputation for being patient-focused, and we’re dedicated to your comfort. So don’t wait. Call now at (513) 770-4370, or come to our office at 5212 Cedar Village Dr. Mason, OH 45040. We look forward to seeing you.

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